Transformational Leadership
360 Degree Feedback Assessment for Transformational Leaders

Most leadership assessments focus primarily on transactional competencies, which are concerned mostly with managing tasks and activities, and allow the organization to function. We realized transformational leadership skills, which encourage, stimulate and engage individuals to produce outstanding results, were becoming increasingly more important; so we created the Transformational Leadership 360 assessment. Over 30 years of research support the importance of transformational Leadership in predicting individual, group and organizational engagement and productivity.




The Transformational Leadership 360 is an effective tool directed at leaders that want to make a difference and not simply manage. It differentiates between management and leadership abilities and analyses the competencies for each.

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Competencies Measured:

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  • Painting a vision

    Creates and communicates a clear vision of the future and achieves support and buy-in.

  • Intellectual stimulation

    Encourages others to work to the best of their potential; Provides work assignments that are stretching but achievable.

  • Treating people as individuals

    Builds cooperative working relationships with others; Modifies style to work with others; Listens and seeks to under the viewpoints of others.

  • Career skill development

    Coaches and develops individual talent and builds a high performance team.


  • Goal Setting

    Defines strategies for the team, organizes resources to achieve goals and achieves results through realistic planning.

  • Performance monitoring and control

    Checks to ensure projects, tasks and assignments are being completed on time and with quality; Effectively manages individual performance.

  • Providing feedback

    Keeps people up-to-date on the progress of work and provides feedback that people can accept in a timely manner.

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