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Enhancing Trust Through Neuroscience

We have all heard about the virtues of organisations who have a high-trust culture. High-trust companies are more profitable because of increased productivity, lower turnover, and lower absenteeism. However, how do you build trust in individuals in leadership roles, within teams and inside of organisations?

Many consultants and HR professionals are struggling to help build trust in their organisations because they find trust is squishy, subjective and almost impossible to measure. In collaboration with leading neuro-scientist Dr Paul Zak, Envisia Learning have created three different neuro-science based solutions which can be used to enhance individual leadership, team and organisational practices.

Through 13 years of field and lab research, we’ve identified trust as the differentiating factor between high-performance and low-performance cultures. Dr Paul Zak was the first to identify the link between a key hormone called Oxytocin and a number of critical benefits for organisations including enhanced trust, collaboration, cooperation and team effectiveness. Our Neuroscience assessments look to promote Oxytocin release more regularly, leading to more trusting cultures and higher performance.


How can we help you Increase Performance, Productivity and Retention with Neuroscience?

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For Individual Leaders

NeuroView is a Neuroscience-based Leadership Assessment

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For Teams

NeuroTeamView is a neuroscience-based team assessment

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For Organizations

Ofactor is an Organization Survey and Culture Management Platform

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