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What’s to love about Clueless:

Drs. Mashihi and Nowack are anything but clueless in their treatise on coaching! Aimed at practitioners and designed to help coaches guide their clients, Clueless offers practical information in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement format. Seldom have I seen such a clear road map for coaches to follow as they improve their business practices and provide more enhanced services to their clients. Clueless points out the pitfalls and potholes into which even the most seasoned coaches sometimes fall.

Marshall Goldsmith - million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There  

If you are a coach, you've probably seen umpteen books on the how to's of coaching.  What you may not have seen is the research, the data, the thinking of those who have studied this particular niche and are willing to put all that they have learned....out there....for you to use as the situation demands...this book is a must read.

Beverly L. Kaye - Founder/CEO of CareerSystems International and Best Selling Author of LOVE 'EM or LOSE 'EM: Getting Good People to Stay    

Changing behavior is one of the hardest things in the world, as anyone who has tried to lose weight, quit worrying, or stop some other problem behavior will tell you. It seems like we ought to be able to decide to change something about ourselves and then just do it – it's simple, isn't it? Ken Nowack and Sandra Mashihi tell us, "Yes, it's simple – but not easy." As psychologists and behavioral consultants, they work with individuals and organizations, helping to bring about behavior change to enhance productivity, boost profitability, and promote happiness. They understand human behavior in a way that few people do. I love their formula: "Enlighten, Encourage, Enable." It really works!

BJ Gallagher - coauthor of YES Lives in the Land of NO  

Clueless, a practical guide for coaching, does a masterful job of providing a clear framework for behavior change, relevant research and conceptual models as well as useful strategies and skill building exercises.  Not only does it help coaches learn what to do, it shows them why and how.  While aimed at coaches, this book is also a critical how-to resource for practitioners such as trainers, managers and those involved in professional development.

Anita Rowe, Ph.D. - Partner, Gardenswartz & Rowe,  Co-author, Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World

Clueless fills the science-practitioner gap with just the right balance of empirical data and practical exercises to address individual behavior change.  The model of change is straightforward and easy for clients to understand.  As a practitioner in an academic environment, I really appreciate tools that have an empirical foundation!

Sue Anderson MS, SPHR - Staff Employment and Development Manager, University of California, Riverside

Clueless is a remarkably accessible and very practically-focused collection of resources for coaches. Using simple but powerful models for each of the key phases of the coaching cycle that the authors term “Enlighten, encourage and enable” an excellent balance of theory and practice is provided. Their guide includes over 100 clearly explained and easy to use applications for use as self-reflection and for client interventions. The book, complete with extensive literature references is a valuable resource that can be used by the novice and more experienced coach alike. I highly recommend it

Barry Bar-El - Director, Organization Development and Learning, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
To successfully change behavior we all move through three specific stages. Discover a powerful model for translating the behavioral intentions of your clients into actual implementation goals that can be sustained over time. Download a FREE chapter