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Transitions is an online team assessment which provides a reality check to help teams and team leaders take stock of the current state of play and agree priorities for future team effectiveness. It will build an adaptive team mind set to respond to changing requirements.

How well does your organisation help teams navigate through change? Does it support the transition from:

  • getting up to speed
  • making a business impact
  • sustaining success

to renewal and adapting and responding to shifting stakeholder expectations?

The Transitions methodology provides a toolkit to help teams review what they do and how they do it as they work through different phases in the maturity cycle. It identifies opportunities to build on strengths for greater success. It also mitigates those risks that may be constraining overall effectiveness within the work group.

Transitions measures three factors required for high performing teams as they transition:

  • Team Context: where do we now find ourselves?
  • Team Dynamics: which team interactions and dynamics represent strengths, gaps or risks?
  • Team Outcomes: what outcomes are being achieved?

Dynamics of the team

The Transitions toolkit consists of:

Transitions delivers a quick and simple feedback process as a reality check for insights and action planning.

Managed end to end by Envisia Learning, we work with clients to customise our positioning resource material to create the "mood music" for an authentic feedback exercise. After set-up, we track activity and generate the assessment reports, debriefing them with the team leader/and team members, and providing follow on support for communication with stakeholders, with the option of extended team coaching.

The Transitions process can be used in its standard format or customised to incorporate your organisation’s branding and content to reflect the specific challenges you face.

Contact us to explore how the Transitions process can support your organisation's teams as they continue to evolve within what will be different work arrangements and operating styles.